What can those under 50 do to help

The DiscountVouchers team have been thinking of ways that we can be helpful to those around us and thought we’d share. Many might be things you’ve already seen suggestion and are doing anyway. But we wanted to share anyway:

I really liked this one for anyone who can afford to do these. Lots of self-employed people are feeling the strain already. Supporting them and local businesses through this tough time is important.
My simple understanding of economics is that money going round is what normally keeps the economy going.

Not being greedy!
Only buy what you need right now at the supermarket. They have all said they have plenty of supplies, it’s just a case of not having frequent enough deliveries as they would do at Christmas. However, they are now responding to the increased demand and are filling up every evening.

Let others go first
If you see someone older, more vulnerable or pregnant – let them go first. People have been saying “Be Kind”, well here’s your opportunity to do so.

Stay in touch!
We’re normally too busy for many people in our lives, now is the time to reconnect and make the time to call and Skype. These are strange and scary times for many, but maybe it can bring back some human connection enabled by technology. To that point, help people who don’t know how to use the tech!!

Don’t forget, social distancing helps everyone

This is a great idea for when the children are at home and missing school friends

Finally if you know someone who is staying in or has to work why not offer to get their shopping for them?

NHS workers are finding empty shelves when they do get to go shopping so it’s not just the elderly who could use some assistance with this. Step up the communication and let’s all help each other.