Stay at home to save lives

I don’ know about you guys but I was so disappointed to see crowds of people out and about in groups over the weekend. I’m really thankful that the weather has improved but people really need to distance themselves from others.

The more days that go by where only some of us are doing so means that we have to do it for even longer. If we just all isolated now, strictly, without seeing friends or family, this could be over much sooner as it was in China when they imposed strict rules around being in public.

I know it seems so unfair and it is unbelievable that these are the times we find ourselves in. Whoever imagined we’d be in this situation? I’ve had lonely and venerable family members in tears on the phone, but we can’t express enough that we need to stay at home when possible and if in public, maintain 2m distance.

I wouldn’t want to share the video from Italy that has been doing the rounds. I feel it’s very much a personal choice if you want to see it. It shows the situation is that the doctors are facing, but it’s not scare-mongering, it’s real and we really don’t want that to be the situation in the UK and for our amazing Doctors and Nurses, we all need to do our bit, and stay at home.

What I do love about us Brits is the ability to think up a joke in any situation. Here are some of my favourites shared with me this week:

If you’re interested in researching why it is that stricter guidelines now mean a shorter sentence indoors…Here’s a great article –