Should You Buy A NutriBullet?

should you buy a nutribullet

The world is a stressful place these days. For people working in inner city jobs, the morning commute itself can feel like 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. And if that wasn’t enough, we are constantly being nagged by TV chefs to cook our own food from scratch, to avoid convenience brands at all costs, and to make sure we eat our 5 a day, despite having no time whatsoever to think about what we’re eating.

However there is a solution to this – and something which will leave you feeling refreshed and energised for the long work day ahead. The NutriBullet. The new must-have kitchen accessory for anyone with a time pressured life, who can’t be bothered with creating organic meals from scratch. The NutriBullet is a blender, it grinds up the skin of fruit and veg to make sure you get every last nutrient. However, the super clever gadget does have its drawbacks and so before you rush into town to buy one, educate yourself with our helpful list of pros & cons below….

Nutribullet: Thumbs Up! – Celebs

Want to get a figure like Kate Middleton? The Duchess swears by the NutriBullet, and according to close sources, Kate used it to slim down in the lead up to the royal wedding, creating delicious vitamin-packed juices to get her in tip top shape for the big day. If it’s good enough for Kate, it’s good enough for us!


Nutribullet: Thumbs Down! – Price

The bad news? One of these bad boys will set you back at least £100 – that’s a lot of money for a blender – especially if you’re not committed to using it. The cost of fresh fruit and veg is also a hefty fee – in order to create a juice, you’ll need to add in a lot of greens – and that doesn’t come cheap. It also means a lot of trips to the supermarket. Not ideal if you’re pushed for time anyway.

Nutribullet: Thumbs Up! – Nutrition

Do you have a super picky child who hates veg? Why not create them a raspberry smoothie (adding in greens, beetroots and other vitamin packed beauties!) We promise you they will soon change their mind. The NutriBullet is a great way of disguising healthy veg as an appetising, fun drink – the perfect way to get your children to have their 5 a day. The brilliant thing about this new style of blender is that it grinds up the skin of fruit and veg – which traditionally holds all of the goodness.


Nutribullet: Thumbs Down! – Sugar

Don’t be fooled! Making a smoothie is a great way of getting all your daily nutrients, but don’t forget most fruits contain a lot of fructose. Eating too much can actually be a bad thing.


Nutribullet: Thumbs Up! – Cleaning

If there is one massive advantage that the NutriBullet has over other blenders, it is the fact that is super easy to clean! Unlike most juicers, where you spend 1 minute making the drink and 3 hours clearing it up, the NutriBullet is easy as pie. Simply disconnect the blade from the cup and wash in the sink. It literally takes 30 seconds!


Nutribullet: Thumbs Down! – Jealousy

Having one of these bad ass kitchen accessories will have your friends seething. When you rock up to work with your organic detox juice your colleagues will have jealousy written all over them. Oh and in summer when you’re ripped abs come out to play – suddenly that £100 investment seemed worth it.

Nutribullet: Thumbs Up! – Soups

Fed up of creating juices? Then swap to soups! Or make homemade houmous! Or create a sauce! The NutriBullet is so versatile it can help with all sorts of kitchen woes –with the choice of two different blades, this genius piece of kit will ensure your juice/smoothie/paste/sauce comes out the perfect texture.