Our Selection Of The Best Stocking Fillers

Tradition always comes through at Christmas time. One longstanding tradition is hanging a stocking (or pillowcases for me when I was younger). A lot of people like to buy each other little “stocking fillers”. They’re a nice easy way to give gifts this festive period and add a little fun. Here are some Superb Stocking Filler ideas to get you feeling festive.

Crap Jokes Toilet Roll – Menkind

This Crap Jokes Toilet Roll makes for the perfect cheeky stocking filler (pardon the pun). With all the best & worst jokes such as “What did the water say to the boat? Nothing, it just waved!”. Give someone a chuckle this Christmas.

Interactive Finger Pet Monkey – GoGroopie

These Interactive Finger Pet Monkey’s respond to sound, motion and touch. Blow them a kiss and they’ll kiss you back. A great gift for hours of fun. Available in a wide range of colours with over 40 animations and SFX.

Zuru Fidget Cube – The Works

Do you know someone who just won’t stop fidgeting? This Zuru Fidget Cube is a great small stocking filler that will keep that person’s hands busy.

Lazy Man Self Stirring Mug – Menkind

You aren’t a true Brit unless you love a good cup of tea. This Lazy Man Self Stirring Mug is perfect for those people who love a cuppa but can’t be bothered to stir. This has it’s advantages, stopping the risk of causing any serious wrist injury involved with stirring your own tea.

These are just a few fun stocking filler ideas that you could buy this year. Now that Halloween has been and gone, it’s time to head straight on towards Christmas. We can’t wait for it!