Learn 7 Genius Ways To Deep Clean Your Car Right Now

What is one of the most common things to get brushed aside in everyone’s busy lives? Cleaning the car. Constantly being put on the long list of things to do but never being completed. Sometimes, you can feel like you just don’t know where to start. Here are 7 Genius Ways To Deep Clean Your Car…

Wash Your Car With Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioners are a great product to wash your car with. Most hair conditioners contain lanolin, which is a type of wax. This will give you car a nice shine when it’s finished.

Wipe Down The Interior Of Your Car With A Coffee Filter

This sounds a little strange but coffee filters are great for wiping down the interior of your car. They are made of lint-free paper, making them great for dusting.

Clean Wiper Blades With Rubbing Alcohol To Prevent Smears On Your Windshield

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about using the good kind of alcohol. Make sure you use something along the lines of a cotton ball or cloth, soak in rubbing alcohol, then clean the wiper blades. This will help prevent smears on your windscreen in the future.

Use Toothpaste To Rub Away The Grime On Headlights

Toothpaste has an abrasive texture that will be able to remove the dirt from the headlights. Place some on a cloth and rub all over the headlights, then rinse with water afterwards. You may need to repeat as necessary.

Blast The Dust Out Of Vents And Carpeted Corners With Compressed Air

This will remove all of the hard to reach dirt and dust. Making it easier for you to vacuum.

Brush Dirt And Grime Out Of The Seams Of Your Seats With A Toothbrush

Brushing the stubborn dirt out of the seams of your seats can have a big impact. If you leave dirt and grime for too long this will start to fade the material and leave you wishing you’d cleaned it earlier.

Clean Your Windshield And Car Windows With Baby Wipes

It’s always handy to have a pack of wet wipes in the glove box. Not only are they great for cleaning up messes that may occur, the alcohol in the wipes are perfect for cleaning windows and preventing streaks.

After all your hard work of giving your car a good clean, you deserve to reward yourself! I’ve created a list of some of the best ways for you to treat yourself. See them here.