Huggg to the rescue for Schools needing to give free school meals.

What we’ve been amazed by at DiscountVouchers since this pandemic began is how many companies have gone above and beyond. We’ve used Huggg to reward our most loyal customers with free coffees before, and Huggg cleverly realised that their tech could solve the problem for schools needing to provide children with free meals.

Free School Meals!

Huggg is a micro-gifting platform which normally works in the commercial sector. 

They were so touched by the need to replace free school meals provision that they set to work on adapting and opening up their platform for this use. 

The platform enables schools and trusts to buy and send supermarket vouchers seamlessly, with the recipients choosing which supermarket to go to and the school being refunded for any that go unclaimed.  All of this is completed digitally so no need for unnecessary contact! How clever?!?

Huggg are waiving all platform fees, covering their costs via the supermarkets and simply want to help. 

If you know of a school that might need this service, tell them to go here for more information (