How to Feel Your Best When Baring All on the Beach

We’ve all been there.  It’s January and you’ve just suffered a cold, dreary winter, taking every opportunity in the run up to Christmas to binge on mince pies, mulled wine, creamy cheeses and turkey. It’s now the New Year  and you desperately need something to look forward to – so you and your mates decide to go ahead and book that girls’ holiday to Spain. It’s ages away after all! Plenty of time to trim up and ping back into shape before you hit the beach – by which point you know you’ll definitely be mistaken for Halle Berry’s twin sister.

Except it doesn’t happen. February, March and April pass and you’re still deep into your bad habits, then May and June pass too and you have only a month to get yourself into shape. Before you know it you’re dreading the idea of slipping into a bikini and running into the sea. In fact, the idea of that girls’ holiday seems like nothing but a recipe for bodily humiliation. But fear not! We are here to help.  Rather than starving yourself and feeling low in self-esteem, simply follow our 7 pain free, simple steps to feeling your best when baring all at the beach!

Prep your skin

st trop

One of the number one dreads when hitting the beach is pale, dry skin. It doesn’t look good on anyone and can actually give the illusion that you are bigger than you are. Instead, take a leaf out of Jennifer Aniston or Kate Moss’s book and use a self tan product like Fake Bake or our personal favourite, St Tropez. About a month before you are due to fly, start to prep your skin by exfoliating and moisturising daily, paying particular attention to any dry areas like you knees and elbows. Then, a few days before you head off, repeat the process and this time apply a thin layer of fake tan. The aim isn’t to look orange, ladies! You only need to apply a thin layer to give you more of a healthy glow. This will boost your confidence whilst on the beach, whilst also making you look slimmer in floaty dresses and shorts.

Get the right swimwear


A string bikini isn’t for everyone. Know your shape! If you’re larger around the hips, why not search around for a glamourous sarong which you can tie around your middle when walking up the beach to get a pina colada? If you have boobs to rival Kimmy K, then pick a structured bikini top to create a controlled, sexy shape without fear of a wave exposing you! Is your stomach your problem? No fear. Swimming costumes are a huge trend this year and are a great way of looking sophisticated on holiday, without looking like a frump.


Ditch the Make Up

Sun protection

Holidays are for relaxing and for no reason should anyone wear make up whilst sunbathing. The oils from cosmetics will simply melt into your pores and create a spotty, greasy complexion which no one wants! Instead, take the time to invest in a high quality, high SPF facial cream to keep you protected from the sun (and a life of wrinkles!) whilst you drift off on the beach. When you and the girls head for lunch, simply pop on a glamourous pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat and your look will be completely transformed.

Get a manicure!

Sea salt and chlorine can ruin polished nails, so take the time to book yourself in for a gel manicure and pedicure in a bright, summery colour. Perfectly painted nails will leave you feeling beautifully feminine whilst away, and will also save you having to pack your whole nail kit. Gel nail polish typically lasts 2-3 weeks so will last the whole duration of your vacation so you don’t have to worry about tending to chips every evening!


Do Yoga


Yoga is a great way of feeling confident and positive whilst away. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you want to save money on attending classes and there are some basic moves that anyone can do if you just set some time aside. By doing some simple stretches and breathing exercises before you hit the pool, you will feel leaner, calmer, more positive and confident in your own skin. Yoga is also great for toning and if you start a few months prior to going away you will notice a real difference in your body.


Cut out the Carbs!


You heard the TOWIE girls – no carbs before marbs! If you are searching for a quick fix way of shifting some weight before your holiday, then simply ditch the carbs a week or two prior to jetting off. This is hard – but worth it. Make sure you avoid bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and crisps. For even better results, ditch the booze too. You will feel lighter and detoxed before heading away, and will be able to fully enjoy your holiday without counting the calories. This is just a quick fix however, and not something to be carried on when you get back home. Research shows that women who ditch all carbs actually put weight back on much quicker when they start to introduce them into their diets again – so all in moderation!


Invest in a pair of wedge heels


We’re not talking sky high heels ladies, but just a slight lift. You would be surprised at how much just a small wedge will improve the shape of your legs and your posture. You will automatically look slimmer, leaner and sexier whilst on the beach, without giving the impression that you’re on the pull. Wedges are the perfect feminine way to look glamorous when relaxing by the pool and will instantly make you feel taller and more confident than you would in flip flops. They are also a great shoe for the evening and so save space in your suitcase!