Get In The Royal Wedding Spirit

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been hotly anticipated for the past few months. A lot of people feel like these big spectacles are a waste of time and money, for some they are something that should be celebrated as part of British tradition.

So what side of the camp are you on? Are you excited to see what Meghan will be wearing? Or could you not care less? Waiting for all the news about this to finally stop and be over.

Here are some facts about the Royal Wedding that we know already…

Meghan is expected to break from royal tradition by giving a speech at their reception

At 36, Meghan Markle will be the oldest royal bride when she marries Prince Harry

Before proposing to Meghan, Harry asked permission from the Queen

Prince Harry designed Meghan’s engagement ring

Not every slice of cake is consumed on a royal’s big day! Some pieces are sent out to guests as a thank you afterwards

Facts Source:  Hello Magazine

Get in the Royal Wedding spirit…

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Whether you’re a fan of the wedding or not, it is going to happen. So why not enjoy it?