COVID-19 What can I do to help?

Lots of people are starting to feel anxious now over what the true impact of COVID-19 is going to be. Some people are saying, everyone should just get it, others saying we should all stay at home and then the thought that all over 70’s should stay at home (the last one displeased my mum greatly).

What we can all agree on is that there is no harm in being safe and even if it feels like an overreaction, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Firstly – social distancing seems to be key! No one wants to be the link between the ill person at work and their grandparents basically. The fewer people we come into contact with the better. It’s important to avoid the cinema, concerts etc. This is shown really effectively in this article:

Here are some more ideas of things you can do to help others:

Start a Facebook group up to keep everyone in contact and well informed. Someone already did this in Norfolk where we are based, but given older people may be quarantined some time within the next five to 20 days, those people will rely on friends and neighbours to ensure they are not neglected.

Shop for 7 days worth of staying in but don’t hoard. Be realistic and sensible, there is enough stock but not if people keep buying more than they need. Most shops are limiting numbers of items per person – also check your freezer. Most people often have plenty already!

Not everyone is on Facebook. We had someone put a leaflet though our door with telephone numbers on incase we need anything which I thought was really kind. Here is an example of one from a story online of a lady taking action:

If you’d like us to add any tips to this please just reply to the email and we’ll add to the list.