5 Road Trip Activities To Help You Win At Parenting

Speaking from experience, being a kid in the back seat of the car on long journeys, it’s awful. You can’t wait until you’re at the destination and you can’t help but let your parents know that you’re bored. “Are we there yet?!” being the most memorable of my phrases. I was always told to just…

5 Ways To Win Father’s Day

Men are creatures of simple tastes. Trust me I should know, being a man and all. This can either make things effortless or difficult when it comes to buying gifts this forthcoming Father’s Day. A lot of emphasis is placed on similar holidays such as Mother’s day, so it’s only fair that all the dads…

9 Easter Eggs You Need In Your Life

One of the best times of the year is soon to come around once again…Easter. For many, this means one thing, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ but for many people, it’s about celebrating the creation of the chocolate Easter egg. Just like so many other things,…

  • Apr 11, 2017
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Top 5 Gift Ideas This Mother’s Day

Mother’s day, the one day of the year where people worry about showing how much they appreciate those special women in their lives. Whether it’s their mum, wife or grandmother, everyone wants to make them feel loved. Of course, this love should be shown 365 days a year but let’s just focus on the one…

  • Mar 23, 2017
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Fifty Shades Cheaper

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 6 years you will recognise the phrase ’50 Shades Of Grey’, no, I’m not talking about a Dulux paint chart. I’m talking about the much loved raunchy novel from author E L James. Having sold over 125 million copies worldwide this book has launched…

How To Make The Most Of This Half Term

It seems as though that dreadful time has come again, School Half Term… The dreaded one week break that can cause so much inconvenience for parents. For kids, it’s that much needed break away from school to help stop the insanity. Unfortunately for some people, this can cause problems, time off work or no ideas…

  • Feb 10, 2017
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Perfect Gift Ideas For Him This Valentine’s Day

Just as you will be on a nice Valentine’s evening, let me set the scene a little… I’m a 23 year old man who’s been in a loving relationship for close to 3 years now. I’ll admit, I may not always do the right thing, but I’d like to think that I’m a hopeless romantic…

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Deals To Pick You Up From The Winter Blues

deals to combat winter blues

We know the period after christmas and before spring is a bit depressing, so we’ve looked through the deals website to find an array of things to give you a pick me up at a fraction of the cost! Fragrances On Offer LivingSocial currently have a whole array of great fragrances on offer including Calvin…

Lent – What Is It? And What To Give Up

what is lent

So we are in the first few days of lent, you’ve heard a lot about it but you want to know more than the fact its just 40 days til Easter, and maybe get a few ideas of what you yourself could give up. What Is Lent? So as we briefly mentioned, Lent is the…

Awards Season Goodie Bags – What’s In Them?

gift bags

The most glamourous time of year is upon us, Awards Season! whilst we wait to see who wins what (c’mon Leo!) and who wears what, we are taking a look into one of the other perks of being nominated, the goodie bags! Oscars Goodie Bags The Oscars are only weeks away and THE award that…

  • Feb 10, 2016
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