Can productivity come out of the isolation & a little reminder

I was emailed this it’s a place to collect and share all the positive outcomes from around the globe. Let us celebrate the people creating in the face of fear, adversity, and the unknown.

This Facebook group has also been set up so that people can enjoy music and gigs from musicians who have no work currently and can support them financially too:

As a reminder, youngsters are less likely to be at risk from COVID-19 but remember the more you move around and the more people you come into contact with – the further this virus goes and the more likelihood there is of a person with a vulnerable immune system catching it. Be mindful of where you go and what you touch. A great tip I read was to imagine you have thick oil or red paint on your hands.

This illustrates the need for caution really well:

If we can halve transmission the number of new cases after a month will be less than 2% of what it would have been without that action. 1 case become 4 cases, instead of 1 case becoming 244 !!

“Early in outbreak, each COVID-19 case infects ~2.5 others on average. There’s ~5 days between one infection and next, so we’d expect one case to lead to 2.5^6 = 244 more cases in a month. If we can halve transmission, so each infects 1.25 others instead, we’d expect 4 more cases.”

Source: Adam Kucharski, Associate Professor, London School of Hygiene & Tropical M, working on mathematical analysis of infectious disease oubreaks.

With the news of Laura Ashley going under today our thoughts go out to those who have lost their jobs. These are tough times for all businesses and we are just doing what we can to make sure we survive through the economic struggle as well as the viral one!

I normally love being in the office with my colleagues so am really feeling the boredom of being at home.

^^ Me stuck indoors!