Brace Yourself: Having Braces As An Adult

With the rise of social media and selfies it comes to no surprise that people are now looking to get perfect teeth (anything to be able to use #nofilter), which means braces are not strictly reserved for spotty teenagers anymore, more and more adults (including me) are displaying braces with pride.

Because not all teeth are the same, everyone will need different treatment to achieve their straight teeth, super white teeth dreams, so what is available?

Train Track & Ceramic Braces

You know the ones, usually seen in every high school across the UK. Brackets are attached to each tooth and a wire attached with colourful bands (I had orange and pink back in the day because I am cool).

Ceramic braces are very much the same as the traditional braces apart from the brackets that are attached to the teeth are made from clear/cream ceramics, which makes them much less noticeable and blends with the colour of the tooth.

These are used in cases where a lot of movement and control is needed, that is not say that invisalign can’t do that, it can, but it will take much longer to achieve the effect.

Invisalign Braces

This type of orthodontic treatment is pretty new, they look like gum shields and look invisible to the casual observer (until you apologise for your lisp and point out that you have braces in).

The retainers are replaced with new ones every 2 weeks which have had a slight adjustment which are designed to move your teeth, you will also have buttons/dots fixed to your teeth, but again you don’t really see these unless you are actively looking for them.

Invisalign are much more expensive than traditional braces, and there are many other companies similar to invisalign who offer the same service but at varying prices.

What Do You Want To Achieve? A Personal Opinion On Braces & Treatment

The main question is what do you want to achieve? and you can discuss this with your orthodontist when you go for a consultation.

Personally my problem has always been protrusion (they stick out), and I have had almost every brace under the sun, palatal expander, block brace, train tracks, ceramic and lastly the invisalign type (although a different brand).

What the invisalign tyoe brace manage to do which the others hadn’t was it managed to intrude my teeth (aka push up into my gums) to reduce the length of them, and after that they were pushed back as far as my bottom teeth would allow.

The overall movement of my teeth was millimetres, but made a huge difference!

It doesn’t come terribly cheap though, so make sure you have the resources or credit to be able to afford the whole treatment from start to end.

Celebrities Who Have Had Braces

Us mere mortals aren’t the only ones who are worried about our teeth, celebrities are just as obsessed.

We’ve put together a gallery of celebrities who have had braces grace their faces over the years from A-listers to Royalty.