Avoid the Online Diet Scams and Get Fit For Less

Everyone wants to lose a little weight – whether you’ve over-indulged over Christmas, been eating out of stress or just want to lose a few inches off your waist before going away, we’ve all been there.

Unlike 40 years ago when our parents were growing up, the world today is much more complex. Whilst supermarkets and fast food joints are contributing to an obesity epidemic unlike ever before, we are simultaneously being bombarded with photoshopped images of super skinny, tanned celebs with washboard abs and perfect skin.

To top it all off, most of us lead busy lives with long commutes and little time to think about what we put into our bodies. Taking notice of this are a whole multitude of dieting brands, urging us to try out “one belly busting trick” to lose 20 pounds in a matter of days, for a hefty sign-up fee (of course!) or subscription to dieting pills shipped in from an unregulated source.  These companies can often be dangerous – both in terms of health consequences and also finances. In fact, the promises made by the companies are so misleading that a number of them have already been charged with fraud – including the likes of HGC Diet Direct and LeanSpa to name a few.


Whilst a “quick fix” pill can seem appealing (lose 20 pounds without changing anything about my lifestyle – sounds great!) there really is nothing more effective than keeping fit and eating healthily the old fashioned way. So ditch those diet pills! And follow our 6 tips to staying lean and fit for a third of the price tag.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Health reports often conclude that people do not drink enough throughout the day. Water is essential for maintaining a healthy body (with fluid making up around two thirds of our body weight). Without it, we can actually mistake thirst for hunger, leading us to snack more often and reach for a bag of crisps rather than a glass of squash. Next time you feel like a snack attack is coming on, try having a drink – you’d be surprised how many times this will relieve the feeling of starvation! As a guide, the NHS suggests women should drink approximately 1.6 litres of water a day, and men should consume around 2 litres.  Drinking plenty of fluids will also alleviate dehydration, which is essential for feeling more energised and less lethargic.

Turn Going To The Gym Into A Habit

With a lot of people in the UK working long hours, it’s understandable that you might want to skip the gym after work – especially if you have a long commute to deal with too. Instead, make sure you do everything you can during work hours to stimulate your body. For example, next time you get off the tube, try running up the escalators instead of walking. Does your office have stairs? Walk up them rather than getting the lift. Most importantly, you are entitled to a lunch break – take it! Have a walk round the block, go for a quick jog or soak up some sun in the park. Taking the time to get a bit of fresh air will leave you feeling ready to tackle the afternoon and revitalized for the rest of the day.

Dog Walking Is Great Exercise

For people living in rented accommodation (over 20% of UK households) it can often be frustrating that you can’t keep a pet, whilst for pet-owners it can sometimes become a pain having to plan your day around one. Well why not switch positions every now and then? Websites such as Borrowmydoggy.com will you put you in touch with dog owners across your local area, where you will be able to take the dog for a stroll. Not only is this a great way to meet people and also to earn money, but dog walking can be deeply rewarding and great for keeping in shape.

Making Exercise Fun

One of the worst things people associate with dieting is the idea of exercise (most people tend to associate it with running tirelessly around a park or doing countless sit ups in the gym) – but it’s not all bad! The UK has transformed its health offering in the past few years, and with classes such a Zumba, Pole Dancing, Water Aerobics and Salsa, you can now enjoy a workout without feeling absolutely drained afterwards.

Cut Out Alcohol From Your Diet

….Well maybe not entirely…but know your limits! Rather than treating yourself to a white wine each night after work, why not simply enjoy a few glasses on a Friday and Saturday evening? Limiting your intake this way will make drinking much more enjoyable and you will save money too. If you want to take it a step further, ditch beer and wine in favour of slimming alternatives like gin and slimline tonic. A large glass of white wine will on average contain around 185 calories, compared with a double gin and slimline tonic at just 114.

Join A Regulated Diet Club To Keep Motivated

If you are in need of shifting some serious weight, then you might consider joining a dieting programme like Weight Watchers. Unlike other schemes, Weight Watchers works by a points system, in which each meal or snack is assigned with a certain number of points. As long as you stay within your daily points limit you can literally eat or drink as much or as little as you like. Weight Watchers is also a great way to meet like-minded people who will keep you motivated and feeling good about yourself. For a headstart, check out the offers available here.