7 Ways To Crush It This Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has always been the little brother to Black Friday. This doesn’t mean you should take it any less seriously. There will be some really fantastic savings to be had from all of your favourite brands. From all of us at Discount Vouchers, we want to make sure that you bag yourself the best deals possible, this involves using some of our tips and tricks below to help you crush it this Cyber Monday.

Sign Up To Newsletters

Many retailers will offer exclusive discounts and offers ahead of time to people who have signed up to their email newsletters. The simple task of signing up to receive their emails could help get you access to those deals ahead of other customers. The downside of this is that if you sign up to all of your favourite brands you could become inundated with emails.

A great way to get exclusive offers and deals without signing up to every brand is to use sites like Discount Vouchers. You then get all of your favourite brands compiled into themed newsletters rather than a separate email for each brand.

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Get Prepared Early

As we have mentioned in the past, it is so important to make sure that you are prepared ahead of time when it comes to days like Cyber Monday. You don’t want to be wasting all of your time on things that are not important. By creating accounts with different brands ahead of time it will make purchasing on the big day so much simpler and allow you more time to continue hunting down the best deals.

Cashback Is Your Friend

What do cashback sites do? They allow you to get money back on purchases. There are some stores that even have their own system in place such as Sainsbury’s with Nectar Points. Most of the time, cashback sites such as Quidco & Topcashback will give you money back for buying flights, holidays and other purchases from selected stores. You can also get cashback when using a credit card. This is definitely something you should check with your bank to see if this applies to you.

Credit Not Debit

When buying anything online it is always smarter to do so using a credit card. You have greater protection from the banks should anything go wrong. There is also the added bonus that should the products you ordered fail to arrive or are not as promised by the site, your card company has liability and should refund you the money. Just a side note, this may be a little hassle to actually get them to follow through but it will certainly be worth your time.

Don’t Forget The Abandoned Basket Discount

With shopping online there is the opportunity to make use of a certain tactic to get some extra discount. This is in the form of an Abandoned Basket Discount. How this happens is you will be logged into the site and start to add items that you’d like to buy to your basket. You may then decided to leave the site without completing the process. Some brands will then email you an extra discount as an incentive to buy the items. We must add, this isn’t a certainty but it’s always worth a shot to save that extra little bit of money. Some large retailers which are known for offering this discount include ASDA & Waitrose.

Social Media Savvy

Social media is arguably the best way to stay up to date with brands and what offers they have running on Cyber Monday. Make sure that you are following them across all of the different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more. A great reason to do this is that sometimes they will offer special discounts and deals to their followers on the specific social platforms.

A side note when it comes to social media. Be careful with what is being posted. There will be plenty of fake deals floating around. Many scam accounts will create these lucrative deals to entice people into giving them their personal details and sometimes bank details. A great tip is to make sure that the large retailer accounts that you’re following are verified so as to not to be targeted with these fake deals.

Shop Around To Save Disappointment

Sorry to state the obvious to some of you reading this but this is such a big tip to be aware of. Never settle for the first deal you find. Always have a look around on other websites for the item you are planning to purchase. So many people will end up forgetting this simple thing when it comes to Cyber Monday. Brand loyalty can play a big part in this which is understandable. Like we have mentioned previously, being safe and smart with your online shopping is vital but don’t surrender the opportunity to save money because you only shop with one brand. Do some research, check reviews and comments. If everything looks good with another retailer and they are offering a better discount, go for it!

There you have 7 ways in which you can really crush Cyber Monday this year. Don’t be silly and be suckered into spending more money than you have to or be tricked into a deal from a scam account. Be smart with your online shopping and you will not only save money on your purchases this year but you will have a great time doing so.