5 Ways To Win Father’s Day

Men are creatures of simple tastes. Trust me I should know, being a man and all. This can either make things effortless or difficult when it comes to buying gifts this forthcoming Father’s Day. A lot of emphasis is placed on similar holidays such as Mother’s day, so it’s only fair that all the dads out there get a little attention too. Here are 5 Ways To Win Father’s Day this year…


A gift or a subtle hint that men smell? Either way, most men won’t think too much into it. The fancier the name of the brand the enhanced feeling of sexual appeal. Usually, you may know of a particular scent that has been a long-standing favourite. For me, once I found an aftershave I liked, I stuck with it. This may sound boring to many people but what the heart wants, the heart wants. If you have no idea, have a look in-store at all the different brands. Why not find something that you would like to smell? It’ll be a win-win situation…

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Skin Care

This one may come as a bit of a surprise. Men like to look after their skin too. We just don’t like to shout about it all that often. As long as you make the gift “manly”, you will be in the good books. Some brands that are good to look out for include; Kiehl’s, Clarins, Clinique and Paco Rabanne. One of the most popular forms of skin care for men would be an after-shave lotion. It makes a big difference to the skin and is one of the best-selling skin care items for men.

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Are you tired of always having to kiss your husband or partner who possesses a prickly beard? Treat them to a new electric shaver and solve two problems at once. Not only do you tick the box of giving a great gift this Father’s Day, you also manage to get rid of that awful beard or moustache. There are quite a few varieties of shavers on the market, making it hard to know which one to go for. My biggest tip is to go for something reasonably priced with good value for money.

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Wash Bags

Wash bags are handy in many situations. Perfect for those weekends away and trips abroad. Granted, they’re not something that many people use day in day out. Regardless of this, they can make an ideal Father’s Day gift. There are many options available to you, across a varied cost spectrum. You can spend little, receiving a basic item or go to the next step and add some luxury. It all depends on how important or useful you feel they will be in the future.  No one wants to spend more money than they have to. Especially if the gift is rarely going to be used.

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Easy to think of and a guaranteed winner in many men’s eyes. Speaking from experience here, even at only 23, the older I’m getting, the less I have to act grateful for socks as a present. I love them now. I feel like that’s the sign when you know you’re no longer a child. I know it can cause a rush of guilty feelings when you gift socks. Don’t feel like that. You’re actually doing something right, honest… All I would say, don’t let socks be the only gift. Pair these up with another small gift. There’s no way you can go wrong with this tactic…

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Now is the time to get ahead of the game and start being prepared. Are you going to use any of these 5 Ways To Win? Let us know…