5 Road Trip Activities To Help You Win At Parenting

Speaking from experience, being a kid in the back seat of the car on long journeys, it’s awful. You can’t wait until you’re at the destination and you can’t help but let your parents know that you’re bored. “Are we there yet?!” being the most memorable of my phrases. I was always told to just be quiet and behave (I’m putting it politely). Having some form of activities planned for your children on long journeys may just save you from the hell of irritated, bored children. Here are 5 Road Trip Activities To Help You Win At Parenting

Let kids doodle on the window with a dry erase marker

This may send a shiver down your spine, don’t worry this will wash off, as long as you remember to buy the correct pens. Let them draw on the windows during the journey, creating pictures till their heart’s content, they will forget all about the travelling. To clean, use a wet wipe to easily wash away the mess that was made. Hey, presto, things will be back to normal and you will have survived the journey pain-free, hopefully…

Keep dice in a tiny container so they don’t get lost

Adding some form of game will help to retain their attention. Place some dice into a small container to minimise the chances of losing them. This will keep everything together and prevent your car from turning into a complete mess. Use the container to shake the dice and keep everything all together.

Check out some of these great board games from Toys R Us that may be a great addition to your road trip essentials.

Create a travel LEGO case with a lunchbox

What kid doesn’t like Lego? Okay, there may be a few, this is still a great way of keeping children entertained on a car journey. One of the main stigmas attached with Lego is the fact that they get everywhere. A great way to contain all of the mess is to place all of the Lego within a small lunchbox. It’s a great way of creating a small place to play while also minimising the mess and chaos that children are capable of making.

Just in case you don’t already have Lego coming out of your eyes and ears at home, here are even more great Toys to treat your children too.

Create an “I Spy” bottle filled with rice, small toys, beads, buttons, and other colourful objects

Simple and effective. That is the main aim of these tips and tricks. Nothing gets more simple than a jar of rice with some small items inside. Quick and easy to make, this can be a great last minute addition to your road trip.

Help younger kids learn the alphabet with a sticker binder

“You can never have enough learning” said no child ever! Joking aside, adding something a little more educational may help to engage their brains for longer than a small game. This is a great way to help your children get ahead with their school work. This activity may not make you the most popular person on the road trip. You have been warned…

Let us know what your favourite Road Trip Activities are…

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