5 Exercises You Can Do On Your Daily Drive To Work

Bumper to bumper traffic. A cacophony of irritated horn honks and hammering road work. Just another Monday morning commute to work.

But instead of sitting complacently and listening to the inane morning talk chatter, you could be spending your time getting toned. While your car may not seem like the perfect place for a work out, there are actually plenty of ways you can be working out your body while you work on your patience with your fellow drivers. Here are four superbly simple exercises you can do on your morning commute.

Please note: Make sure you’ve come to safe stop before you start exercising! Also, if you’re easily embarrassed, this is a great way to overcome those particular demons!

Chest Boosters At The Traffic Lights

Has traffic come to a dead stop? Instead of drumming your fingers on the wheel, bust out a couple chest boosters while you wait! Sit up straight and lace your fingers in your lap. While keeping your shoulders back and your chest lifted, try to touch your elbows. Get your elbows as close to each other as you can, and then hold that pose for 8-10 seconds, while breathing normally. Release the hold after the designated time and then repeat 8 to 12 times, or until traffic picks up.

Work Your Core Whilst In A Queue Of Traffic

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.42.26

This exercise will require some arm movement, so make sure traffic isn’t going anywhere before you get started. Once your car is at a standstill, place your hands palm-up on the ceiling of your car. Sit up straight, and then push up. While you push, tighten your abs. Push as hard as you can and continue to squeeze those abs, and hold it for 10 seconds. Release, relax, and then repeat as many times as you want/is possible.

Do The Twist In The Car

Here’s an exercise you can do once traffic has ground to a halt, and it doesn’t require too much effort. To prepare, peel your back from your seat, and sit up straight. Once you’re confident your posture is impeccable, position your arms on your arm rests. Take a deep breath, draw your belly in, and twist your body towards the left while simultaneously reaching with your right hand towards your left armrest. Then, switch, twisting to the right and trading arms. Do 10 of these, and you should definitely feel the burn.

The Arch

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.35.03

Do you walk out of work with cricks in your back? Bust out a couple of arches and you should see this feeling disappear, with the added benefit of toning your lower back. The Arch is a very simply to perform exercise. Press your bottom right up against your seat. Once situated, slowly roll your bottom away from the seat and place your upper back firmly against the seat, creating an “arch” between your butt and the seat. Hold this pose for five seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise five times, then take a breather.


Finally, an exercise you can do regardless of the speed of traffic! While kegel exercises are commonly associated with pregnant women, this pelvic floor exercise is also a great way to tone your bum. So if you’re looking to work out your caboose, bust a couple of these out while you ride to work. Before you leave for work, find the muscles you use to stop urinating. Squeeze these muscles so you can really identify them. Then, while in the car, squeeze these muscles. Hold that squeeze for three seconds, and then relax. Do this exercise 10 to 15 times, or until you’re feeling sore. As time goes on, up the squeezing time by a second every week. Keep with it, and your butt should go from drab to fab in no time.