10 Tips To Keep Your Beauty Regime Germ Free

Did you know that your makeup can harbor all kinds of bacteria that can make your make up go off, or even worse, cause outbreaks on your skin.

But there are some really simple and inexpensive ways you can make sure to keep your beauty regime free of germs.


Don’t Use Your Fingers

Instead of using your fingers for foundation and eye colours, use a brush or pad. This will stop bacteria transferring from your hands into your makeup.

Never Wash Your Mascara Brush


This one might seem counter intuitive, but tap water actually contains thousands of bacteria. These germs are usually no harm whatsoever, but your eyes are more sensitive to certain types of bacteria than other parts of your body. Washing a mascara brush can actually introduce germs into your routine. Also, if your mascara is clumping on the brush, it’s probably time to replace it anyway.

Sharpen Your Eye Pencil Every Time You Use It

This will scrape any bacteria away that are lurking on the outside of the pencil. This will mean your pencils might not last as long, but keeping makeup lying around for months will allow bacteria to grow on it – you should avoid keeping makeup for too long anyway.

Never Keep A Make Up Bag In The Car

The warm temperature that the inside of your car can reach will cause the preservatives in your makeup to break down, meaning it will spoil quickly if stored in this way. Also places in cars like glove boxes are rarely cleared and often end up with germ-harboring items like coins thrown into them. Not a good place to keep make up!

Mascara Has A Sell By Date

It’s not widely known, and makeup companies aren’t required to include this information on labels, but mascara has a sell by date of about three months. Throw it away after this. Bacteria introduced into the eyes can easily cause eye infections that could even cost you days off work.

Keep Liquid Products In The Fridge

Liquid products generally contain fewer preservatives. It’s also likely your liquid products will be the ones you use everyday (such as foundation) so will be more frequently exposed to bacteria. By keeping them in a cool place you can stop these bacteria from growing. Also it’s very refreshing to put cold make up on and will wake you up in the morning!

Wipe The Top Layer From You Lipstick


If you haven’t used your lipstick for a while there’s probably no need to throw it out. But you can easily scrape away germs by wiping the top layer off using a paper towel, this will get rid of any bacteria that have made their way onto the surface.

Use Spray Cleaner On Brushes Every Few Months

Every few months, clean your brushes with a non-alcoholic spray cleaner and dry with paper towels. These specially designed cleaners break through any waterproof elements in your make up for really effective cleaning. Make sure to dry them thoroughly as moist surfaces are better for germs.

Avoid Testers

For obvious reasons tester pots in shops are packed with germs. Always avoid these and instead opt for counters with a beautician who can apply make up for you. This is a great tip before a party or big night out – it’s basically like getting professional make up done for free!

Throw Away Your Makeup Bag Regularly

Ok, stay with me on this one. Buy cheap makeup bags and throw them out (just the bag, not all your makeup) every six months. The makeup that always spills out and makes a mess all over the inside of the bag is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.