10 Pet Halloween Costumes You Need To Know About…

There is always a guarantee that people will want to dress up a baby or their pet for special events such as Halloween. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here. I spent most of my early years in life being dressed up as Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, Santa’s Little Helper or even a little Fat Baby Batman. Now that my mum has a little Poochon puppy, that poor little dog has to suffer just like I did. So I thought to myself, what kind of pet costumes are out there nowadays? After doing some online shopping, I’ve picked out 10 great Halloween costumes that would be great for a pet this year…

Costume 1

Beetlejuice Dog Costume – £20.99 [Angels Fancy Dress]

Costume 2

Ghostbusters Dog Costume – £16.09 [Amazon]

Costume 3

Halloween Devil Dog Costume – £4 [B&M]

Costume 4

Halloween Pumpkin Costume – £12.99 [Amazon]

Costume 5

Scooby-doo Mystery Machine Pet Dog Costume – £16.98 [eBay]

Costume 6

Spider Dog Costume – £19.99 [Angels Fancy Dress]

Costume 7

Halloween Bat Costume – £11.99 [Amazon]

Costume 8

Walking Dead Animal Costume – £18.03 [eBay]

Costume 9

Spider Legs Party Outfit – £10.99 [Amazon]

Costume 10

Dog Pumpkin Costume – £8.99 [Amazon]

What do you think about dressing up your pets? Are you a fan or do you think it’s something that shouldn’t be done? All we can say is that judging by the amount of costumes out there available to buy, it’s certainly becoming more and more popular…