10 Fashion Facks That Will Make your outfit look instantly more expensive

With Hollywood celebs ramping up the fashion stakes with designer couture, it can often feel like we don’t have the outfits to match.

Whilst catwalk trends get filtered down to high street retailers, often as consumers we have to compromise on quality, material and tailoring, leaving our catwalk inspired looks looking more drab than fab.
Whilst we don’t recommend blowing your salary on a new, designer wardrobe, we do urge you to take some of our helpful tips below to make high street clothing look instantly more expensive.

Add New Buttons


It sounds silly, but often something which high street retailers skimp on is buttons, using cheap, plastic designs to finish off an otherwise nice cardigan or jacket. To make your clothing look more expensive, carefully unstitch the plastic buttons and replace with more luxurious alternatives. The results will be far more impressive than you would have imagined! Designers are known for their attention to detail, and so small gestures like nice buttons will make your outfit look more boutique than bargain. If you’re struggling to find buttons, check out ebay.

Tailoring Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive


One of the luxuries we don’t have on the high street is tailoring. Whilst designer gowns and suits are hand-finished to ensure sharp tailoring and flattering shapes, high street clothing is mass produced, and so is created on a one-size-fits all basis. Whilst the size guide is an initial starting point to find your best fit, some trousers may to too long on the leg or too tight around your middle. Rather than giving up and blowing your hard earned cash on a £300 pair of trousers, simply visit your local tailor to get the shape you want. And it doesn’t just have to end there,  Jennifer Aniston recently revealed she even has her t-shirts tailored:

“This is my secret: The trick to T-shirts is that I usually tailor them. Which is silly, but it works.”

Aniston isn’t the only celeb to get clothes altered, it’s rumoured that Kim Kardashian has a full time denim tailor (not surprising considering her curvy physique – but is it really a full time job?)

The trick to tailoring is to start off too big, and then ask your local seamstress to take the material in where you are smaller. This may add £30 onto the price of your outfit, but it is well worth the expense and will add hundreds onto your look!

Shoes & Accessories


Whilst fashions go in and out, high quality accessories do not. A good pair of shoes or an expensive handbag will instantly make your whole look more chic, and will last for years too. Take the time to invest in staples such as a nice pair of black heels or a gorgeous black leather handbag which will suit all your clothes. Pairing cheaper clothing with expensive accessories is a great trick for making your whole outfit look more designer.

Hand Wash Clothes When You Can

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap fabrics often don’t fair well in the washing machine. Hand washing is not just for your silk blouse or cashmere jumper, use it for your cheapest clothes too! By taking care of fabrics, you will see less fading in the colour and your tops and trousers will maintain their shape better. By taking the time to do this, you will see your clothes will last longer. We recommend Woolite.

Hair & Make Up

Have you ever seen Kate Middleton look cheap? No. Whilst the Duchess often wears high street staples, she will team her look up with beautifully maintained hair and makeup. By taking just a little extra time in the morning to make your appearance more polished, no one ever needs to know that your jumper came from Primark!

Keep Your Shoes Looking Tip Top

Whilst cheap shoes are often comfy and do the trick day-to-day, make sure you keep them looking nice by maintaining them. Get scuffed up heels re-heeled and invest in some polish to keep boots looking their best. A common problem with cheaper shoes is that often they are not made from leather, which means they often smell after just a few wears. To combat this, stuff your shoes with newspaper each night and also laundry sheets. This will keep them smelling fresh and lasting longer!

What Staple Items Should You Invest In?


Whilst seasonal fashion items should be a bargain purchase, take the time to invest in a few key pieces. We would recommend a good pair of denim jeans, a decent leather jacket and – obviously – a versatile LBD. These are pieces which will remain in your wardrobe for years and items which you will get multiple use out of. By teaming these classics with cheaper pieces, you will create the illusion of a much more couture look.

Buy Black


If you are on a budget and not sure what to purchase, try buying clothing which is black. Darker items often look better quality than bright colours, and the imperfections are harder to see. Black is a firm favourite of Hollywood stars such as Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, and the queen of fashion, Audrey Hepburn. So take a leaf out of LA’s book and try it for yourself!

Buy The Right Size

Nothing looks tackier than squeezing into a dress size which you can’t fit into anymore. Remember: dress for the body you have, not for the body you want! Skirts which are too short and blouses which are stretched over the bust look cheap and naf, no matter how expensive they are. So next time you hit the shops, embrace your curves and purchase an outfit which fits your figure properly. By doing this you will look more comfortable and classy.

Iron & Press Your Clothes

If you have to wear a suit to work, make sure the fabric of your clothing is super smart and ironed. Nothing looks worse than wrinkled clothing. So ditch the scruffy vibe! Take a moment each morning to run an iron over your shirt or dress to smooth out any creases.